Marzia Hassan

I support families and individuals to move from
Turmoil to Tranquility
Chaos to Calm
Confusion to Clarity & Confidence
Conflict to Connection & Cooperation


Life is too short 

Too many of us spend too much time waiting for things to be different. It is time to take charge of yourself and your relationships to create a life and family that brings you joy and peace.

Here is how I can support you using evidence-based psychology and timeless spiritual wisdom

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About Me...

I am a relationship counselor, parent coach, author and speaker. I work with modern Muslims who yearn to find peace and happiness in their lives and are looking for fulfillment and connection in their relationships. I help them discover and practice simple, evidence-based tools to cultivate more love and happiness and decrease negativity in their lives and in their relationships. Read More...

How we can work together

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With Family Connections Radio and Loving and Living the Quran podcasts you have two audio shows to keep you track weekly

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Here are some books I have written if you would like a deep dive

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I love working with people in groups and supporting them in transforming their lives. Here are some workshops that have been done recently. 

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Online Courses and memberships

If you prefer to learn virtually, you can take courses from the comfort and privacy of your own home

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Hire me to speak

Are you looking to help your community learn and grow? Here is what you need to know to hire me to speak to your audience 

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Living the Quran

practical spirituality for modern Muslims

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Daily Wisdom Blog 

Here you will find short inspirational posts and articles to help you live and love with positivity, purpose and peace  

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One on one coaching and therapy

I work with couples, parents, families and individuals who are looking to improve their lives and their relationships. Please complete this form to inquire about working with me privately

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Marzia Hassan is a speaker and a writer who can engage her audience to a point where they end up searching for all what she has had to it in the form of a lecture, a blog post or a podcast .

Her lectures engage you in such a way that you can see yourself making inroads to new thinking, her interactive approach makes you a part of the process, so much so that at the end you look around and the sky is more blue than the one you saw a while ago and you smile with the wisdom that has been shared with you by this humble soul.
There has never been a dull moment when you listen to her as the language is simple enough to be understood by all, which is the mark of a good speaker who can appeal to everyone.

The best thing about Marzia is that she will go a full circle of whatever she is telling you about… it might be psychology but it will be backed by religion and walled by Science… which is rare with the speakers of today.

Not many spiritual speakers do that… they will either support their lectures by mystical knowledge, psychology or religion. Mariza goes a step forward and up to the finish line where her listener will not only see Quranic evidence, but also Hadith and psychology and science, all in one.

I wish her all the best in her journey as she makes my world and yours a more loving and wiser one !

~Tanya Badami

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Your mentorship and articulate words really helped him and I see each other properly and accept certain things that we didn't understand before.  We still have a lot to work on but I can honestly say we are 100 times better now than we were.  Especially me, I would spend days crying and feeling resentful and helpless (which is very out of character for me because i'm a very positive person) but alhamdulillah wit your help our relationship is really growing and we're finding joy in the little things and in being together.

~  F. A.

Inviting Marzia Hassan to be a keynote speaker for a webinar in a community where women have been facing emotional and physical stress, proved to be an extremely beneficial decision. From the get go Mrs. Hassan was extremely flexible, organized and able to discuss the various subjects, which we asked her to dissect. During the webinar, Mrs. Hassan’s overall calm, comforting nature, and her plethora of knowledge on mental health and self care was outstanding and eye opening. Her delivery of information was thorough, yet relaxed, and although many viewers had never heard Mrs. Hassan speak they felt as though they were listening to an old friend. She proved to be exactly what we were looking for; a strong, female role model with an impressive educational background and various professional titles. She inspired the ladies who tuned into the webinar, and held their attention for the entirety of her session. Mrs. Hassan was a pleasure to work with, and I recommend her services to anyone.

~  KSIJ Health Committee

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